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Off-the-Shelf vs. Bespoke Solutions:
Choosing the Right iGaming
Software Approach

In selecting iGaming software to support the key business processes that drive success for you and provide products or services customers expect from you, be careful in choosing between custom-built iGaming software and commercial off-the-shelf options.

What are off-the-shelf iGaming software solutions?

Pre-configured software products designed for widespread use typically do not require modification upon installation and can often be put to immediate use after being downloaded and installed - such as Windows 10, Oracle, SAP or Salesforce CRM solutions as examples of such products.

SaaS (Software as a Service) has become increasingly popular over time and represents another form of subscription service without instalments.

Prefabricated applications are generally tailored for mass market usage and, therefore, make an effective addition to customer service, eCommerce, and eLearning, as well as travel & hospitality and online gaming industries. Common tasks this technology helps resolve include document processing, ticket reservation, online shopping, online database management, accounting, bookkeeping, and addressing customers' needs, among others.

Regarding costs, most solutions mentioned are subscription-based, with payments dependent on various variables such as duration of use, team size and features included within. The exact figure varies based on this formula.

What exactly is Bespoke iGaming software?

In essence, custom-built solutions, a.k.a Bespoke solutions, offer unique, custom-tailored iGaming software development without competitors in the marketplace. Custom-designed online gaming platforms offer true innovation, which could spawn rapid business expansion for your venture.

GoodFirms conducted a study which indicates that custom software is highly sought after among business customers who require automation of processes and online services as well as big Data initiatives. Due to the superior level of security provided by such gambling software applications, they're key components in providing information-driven applications for iGmaing needs.

The main differences between bespoke and off-the-shelf online casino software solutions

  • Build: The primary difference between off-the-shelf gambling software and custom software solutions lies in their design: off-the-shelf gambling software is built to suit multiple customer requirements using prefabricated designs that follow standard frameworks. They may not meet all your individual requirements. Conversely, custom gambling software solutions allow businesses to tailor bespoke frameworks specifically to their existing processes that integrate easily. Custom software should make getting familiar with it swift and simple; over time, you should find that improving its performance becomes simpler, too.
  • Initial Price: Software that's readily available off the shelf tends to be priced fairly, while custom and bespoke iGaming platforms tend to be costly to create due to costs being shared among multiple licenses sold, whereas custom, bespoke products designed specifically for an individual user the cost can quickly accumulate.
  • Updates: When purchasing an off-the-shelf iGaming platform, updates usually cost extra in order to stay relevant over time. Some off-the-shelf products only provide updates for certain time frames - this means your program could quickly become outdated, while customized software upgrades are based on budget and business needs.
What are the pros and cons of purchasing an off-the-shelf Gambling platform?

Let's briefly review the advantages and disadvantages of off-the-shelf offerings:

  • Initial purchase prices tend to be fair as costs can be spread among many customers.
  • Developed online casino software solutions often have tremendously advanced capabilities due to all of the resources invested in their creation.
  • Most software purchased off the shelf is very complex and includes features you will never use; an average Microsoft Word user utilizes only 10% of its capabilities. In essence, these programs try to meet everyone's needs while at times restricting those areas essential for your company.
  • Change may be necessary. You might need to modify how you work so as to take full advantage of all the capabilities provided by the off-the-shelf software solutions provider and may need to devote additional time and energy to learning how to operate properly with it.
  • By choosing off-the-shelf software, you may lose any advantage you had over competitors as they can also purchase it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom online casino game software development?

Let's consider both the advantages and drawbacks associated with bespoke solutions:

  • Through custom software, this service is tailored specifically to meet your budgetary and organizational requirements for maximum benefit.
  • Every bespoke product is tailor-made to the client's exact requirements. They're flexible enough that changes or updates in business practices could still benefit from using custom solutions, making bespoke items ideal for product development efforts.
  • Custom-designed offers tend to be easier for users as they're tailor-made to work the way you expect them to, giving you greater control and less room for errors or oversight. Furthermore, automating repetitive tasks increases productivity significantly.
  • Custom software solutions may give your online gambling business an edge in the marketplace. With an experienced gaming software development company at your side, they will offer suggestions to enhance service and provide options, in addition to serving as an ongoing source of advice and knowledge on IT matters.
  • Custom software may have higher initial costs; however, licensing fees and updates don't incur extra expenses and updates are provided free of charge as needed. Furthermore, new developments should ensure they remain up-to-date and won't become outdated over time.
  • Custom iGaming solutions may expose your business when the code source does not reside with you, making your reliance upon iGaming software platform providers even greater; to minimize this issue and ensure business continuity, make sure they provide their source code to avoid this scenario.
  • An unstable program could result from not meeting professional design standards. While packages pose similar risks, customized software carries greater dangers - therefore making selecting a software developer who adheres to stringent professional practices all the more essential.
Which online casino software solutions would best meet the needs of your gambling business?

Before making a decision about software solutions for your business, it's essential that you consider its specific requirements: software must help ensure optimal performance of online betting operations.

Custom iGaming software solutions offer gambling businesses significant advantages in the market, yet can often require spending more. If you can locate a reliable iGaming software provider who adheres to best practices and, creates custom software tailored specifically to you and also provides updates, custom solutions may prove more cost-effective.

Keep in mind there are other alternatives to hybrid solutions as well, including choosing an off-the-shelf product which meets most of your requirements and then turning to custom development for any remaining 20 per cent - this process may even be managed by third parties if your software application is open source.

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